Owner Chef Naoyuki Yazawa
Born on October 29, 1983 in Aizuwakamatsu City

Starting at age 3, skiing was a large part of our Chef's life. After his graduation from the ski team of Hokkaido Tokai University, he entered the world of Italian cuisine from his long-existing love of cooking. After training in Tokyo, he flies to Italy, where he finds his soul as an Italian chef at one Michelin-starred restaurant "La Ciau del Tornavento". After returning to Japan, he trains at several restaurants, and at Aquapazza. He opens Ristorante Luce in October 2012 in his hometown Aizuwakamtsu. He devotes himself to entertain his guests everyday, while creating a restaurant full of energy, good humor, and rhythm. He will go anywhere, no matter how far, in search of great food.