Our Italian restaurant, Ristorante Luce has been open since October 2012.
We decided to open it in our hometown Aizuwakamatsu when the tragic earthquake happened in Eastern Japan,
in hopes of helping the people through food.
Aizu is well-known for its delicious rice and sake, and its culture of enjoying them. Everyday, we are deeply inspired by the lively produce brought by food producers full of energy, and Aizu's beautiful hand-crafts.

Although we serve Italian food, esplit comes from everywhere. Based on local ingredients, we seek deliciousness from all over Japan.

Our restaurant is made from the help of our customers, food producers, many others, the ingredients, and dishes. The story of our restaurant is a result of the precious stories of everyone combined together.
As we welcome you to our restaurant, we deeply hope that you will enjoy your time with all of your heart.